Rio Rancho House Concerts

Frequently Asked Questions:

1What does "by invitation only" mean?
2Why do you require reservations?
3 Where is the concert? (You don't include the address on your flyers or website.)
4Why do you call it a "donation" rather than having a set ticket price?


All public venues where copyrighted music is performed must have a license from one or more performance rights organizations (PRO's). PROs collect fees for these licenses, and pay royalties to song writers. These license fees are prohibitively expensive for small home venues, and the penalties for non-compliance are stiff.

An organization called Folk Alliance International has negotiated a special agreement with the PRO's for house concert venues. By joining this organization, and following their guidelines, we are exempt from these fees, and are protected against liability for copyright infringement. Among their guidelines are the requirements that admission be by invitation only, no charge be made for admission, and the location of the event not be advertized.

When you reserve seating, we send you an invitation. The invitation includes our address. Your donation benefits the performer. When you buy CD's, your purchase benefits the performer and the songwriter.